Explorer’s draftshield provides ample access and visibility to the weighing chamber through the versatile top door and side sliding doors. Selected models feature motorized side doors that open and close automatically with use of the touchless sensors on the base and display.

  • The automatic draftshield door models have a new function for automatically opening draftshield doors without touching the balance. It helps to eliminate sample residue transfer and contaminations.
  • Side doors seamlessly glide on top-mounted bearings
  • The versatile top door offers two entry options; access the weighing chamber by flipping the top door or sliding the glass panel open.
  • The expansive side entry 6.3" × 9.4" (160 mm × 240 mm) allows you to freely place and remove large weigh boats or other large vessels in the weighing chamber
  • Antistatic coated glass helps dissipate static charges in the weighing chamber which could adversely affect the weighing results
  • Easy to install and remove glass panels and a stainless steel bottom make Explorer extremely easy to clean
  • A draftshield chamber light is available when the balance is used in low lighting environments.